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On shows like The Crown, we often see scenes of the British elite travelling to the countryside to hunt for recreational purposes. Seen dressed in suits and attire laden with tweed and brown leather patches on elbows and collars. This is a stark contrast to the hunting we know of today, involving a lot of camouflage and neon orange. 

Hunting has been around for years, but recreational hunting began in Ancient Egypt, where the huntsmen were a social class. History tells us hunting was popular among the Assyrians, Babylonians, and many others throughout the world.

Throughout the years, England adopted the idea of hunting. They eventually regulated it, as wildlife was becoming scarce. In doing so, the only people who could hunt were aristocrats. 

Hunting attire became a staple, with elements like blazers and pants, often made of tweed. Brown leather gloves complement the suit, as well as flat caps in neutral colours, and lots of plaid and wool. 

Although these pieces were staples of the huntsman in old England, they are fall essentials in men’s fashion today. Wearing colours that compliment and match the ever-changing fall leaves and sticking to neutrals is incredibly classy. This gives off a put-together look while also seemingly effortless. 

At Les Bourjoies, get the ultimate fall look with our Hunter collection. Feel like British aristocracy at a fraction of the price. Our collection features elements of old English tweed, in neutrals that feel more expensive than it is. 

The best thing about our Hunter collection is that it can be mixed and matched with other pieces in your closet. Consider pairing a tweed blazer with any of your favourite trousers for the ultimate fall look.

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