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Our Story

We are here to provide you the look, the confidence, and the style that will help you build your future.

The Company

Les Bourjoies is a Montreal-based menswear brand specializing in tailor-made suits. Our goal is to offer you the made-to measure-experience, with high-quality fabric and material, all while creating both trendy and classic styles made just for you.

You can visit our Montreal store where our expert tailors can get you fitted for your suit. Or you can get sized at home from our website with the 3DLook app technology and you’ll receive your perfect suit in two weeks!

Our Origin

Historically, being a member of the bourgeoisie was a way of identifying social class. Being a member of the bourgeoisie meant being middle class, especially for those in the business world. In today’s slang, it refers to a preoccupation with respectability and money.

Forward Looking

Les Bourjoies is designed for the traditional man who is also fashionable and forward-thinking. We take pride in incorporating cutting-edge technology into both our online and in-store shopping experiences to enhance your shopping experience. We can tailor your ideal suit to your preferences and your budget.

My Beginning

From a very young age, I’ve always loved wearing suits. My love of a well-made suit was fuelled by my cousin, who worked in a suit factory in New York. Despite not coming from a wealthy background, my cousin always made sure I had a well-fitting suit. As a result, I developed an appreciation for fabric, style, and good fit.

For me, being part of Les Bourjoies has nothing to do with money. It has more to do with your self-confidence and your presence. Les Bourjoies is here to provide you the look, the confidence, and the style that will help you build your future, no matter how your bank account looks.

I now want to share his passion for well-crafted suits with men all over the world. Les Bourjoies was founded on the notion that a well-made suit has the power to transform one’s life.


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