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Introducing our Brand Ambassador, Patrick Nikiema!

Les Bourjoies is all about style and timelessness. Our brand specializes in tailor-made suits. We want to offer you the made-to measure-experience, with high-quality fabric, all while creating both trendy and classic styles made just for you.

Patrick Nikiema is a man of style, making him the perfect fit to represent Les Bourjoies and all that we are.

Here’s some information about him:

About Patrick

Born in Burkina Faso, Patrick resides in Montreal, where he works in finance. He also runs his own cigar company known as Lyon Cigars. Cigars have always been his passion, ever since he started smoking them from the age of 22. Through this passion comes Lyon Cigars.

Lyon Cigar

The cigar brand, established in 2016, is made in the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua. However, Luxembourg, Burkina Faso, Togo, Gabon, Angola, and Ivory Coast sell Lyon Cigars.

Everything Patrick does represents his home in Africa. He believes that Africans are not represented enough in the cigar industry and wants to create a movement with his brand. The symbol for Lyon Cigars involves a lion while including many other personal elements. For example, if you look carefully, you can find his initials embedded into the logo for Lyon Cigars.

Patrick’s Style

As a man who specializes in cigars, he doesn’t skimp on style either. Patrick is often donned in the latest trends while always remaining classic. While working in finance, Patrick understands how to dress for work while also showing off your personality through your wardrobe. Above all, Patrick always dresses to perfection in various suits and trendy clothing. He knows what it means to be fashionable. He never fails to exude cool and classy, which makes him the perfect fit for our Les Bourjoies family!

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