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You just received a wedding invitation for a friend of yours! Great, how fun and exciting. You get to see friends you haven’t been able to see in a while and get to enjoy good food and great music with fantastic company,

The invite says Black-Tie Optional. So you go into your closet and realize you don’t have an appropriate suit for the occasion. What do you do?

Wedding season is fast approaching and figuring out the right suit can be difficult. A general rule of thumb is to follow the theme or the location of the wedding to figure out the dress code.

Here are the different types of dress codes for weddings and what to wear:

A smart-casual wedding for men can typically be what you would wear to work. Ditch the tie and opt for a well-ironed dress shirt and dress pants. You can even play around with your dress shirt, like opting for colours or patterns. If a blazer is your thing, it does not need to match your pants. A pair of beige dress pants and a navy blazer is a great way to feel more dressed up in this theme.

A semi-casual wedding should still be slightly formal. A matching suit is best, but avoid black since it’s quite formal. A blue suit is a great option – it can be casual while still feeling dressed up. Consider also a brown suit or an olive green option. Here, you can play around with the colour of your dress shirt. Ties are optional and you can be playful with them if you so choose! Consider a pop of colour or pattern in your selection of ties or shirts!

A cocktail wedding dress code is almost formal, so a full matching suit is your best bet. A darker suit is a better option, as it can lean towards looking more formal. Darker blue, charcoal, or even burgundy are great options! A tie is a must, but it can be a fun aspect to your outfit. And if ties aren’t your thing, accessorize with a fun pocket square.

A formal wedding is usually black-tie optional. So a dark blue or black suit is highly recommended. However, you can add a coloured tie or bowtie to the look to add your own creativity. Opt for black shoes and consider including a pocket square too!

For a black-tie wedding, follow the theme – black tie. Lean towards wearing a black suit or a tuxedo and a white dress shirt, as black-tie is considered one of the most formal of themes. It’s best to avoid any other colour suits and patterns. Sticking to all black, including accessories, is most appropriate for the theme. As well, a black bow tie is a better option than a regular tie.

A white-tie wedding is the most formal of all! Think royal wedding – black tailcoat and white shirt with a white bowtie. This type of wedding has no leeway and this formula for your outfit is a must.

A destination wedding to a tropical location means you can be more casual in your suit options. Consider opting for a linen fabric, as it is the most cool in warmer temperatures. Lighter colours are also the best option, such as beige and light blue. You can even opt for linen dress pants and a dress shirt – blazer and tie optional!

If you’re still unsure, bring the invitation with you to your Les Bourjoies appointment and your stylist can help you find the right suit combination for you! Les Bourjoies is there to guide you to the right look!

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